About The Band



       Glenn Callaghan - Guitar, Vocals

Glenn has been a professional musician in the music industry for more than 25 years. He grew up on the Gold Coast, cutting his teeth on the local pub circuit playing in a number of rock bands at venues such as, Bombay Rock, The Play Room, The Pacific Hotel, The Patch and The Grand Hotel just to name a few.


Glenn later joined award winning band, The Dukes Of Earl, playing six nights a week at venues such as, Seagulls and Twin Towns Services Club. The Dukes toured Australia for many years and had the privilege of working with and supporting many well known Australian and international acts.


In 1992, Glenn formed Rock Steady with good mate from The Dukes, Dave Edwards. In the same year, Rock Steady was nominated and won best duo performers of the year at the Queensland Music Awards. Rock Steady played many venues for a number of years with a great following of loyal fans.


Present day, Glenn enjoys a professional career as a solo musician and highly reguarded entertainer playing a very wide variety of music ranging  from Country to 50’s 60’s Rock’n’Roll and Classic rock, appealing to audiences of all ages in pubs and clubs all over the south east of Queensland.


Early in 2011, Glenn called upon longtime mate and fellow musician, Brad McDonald, to get behind the drums and re-form Rock Steady with a new line-up as a three-piece live band with the intentions of bringing back all of the classics that audiences love as well as venturing musically into a more modern flavour. Brad has been around the live music scene for many years and is a great asset to Rock Steady.


Rock Steady now needed a bass guitarist to complete the new line-up. The obvious choice was Mitch Callaghan, a musician with the right musical knowledge to help take the band to a new audience. Mitch can play many styles of music and is a versatile band member as well as providing a solid bass line to complete the sound that is “Rock Steady”.           


Rock Steady is ready to rock your venue with this new dynamic line-up.


Rock Steady... classic songs - that's what it's all about...!!!



           Brad McDonald - Drums, Vocals


Brad is an accomplished drummer and guitarist as well as a professionally trained  vocalist.This  allows Brad to incorporate a broad range of musical styles in the band's performances.Brad has been playing in numerous bands since the age of 15, in various venues and clubs throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich. 

Bands performed in include - 

  • Highly Strung (later becoming The Essential Blues Band) 
  • Mr Serious 
  • Me, Dad and Brad 
  • Victa and the Grass Catchers 
  • The Blithering Roos 
  • Please Explain 
  • Frank and the Beans 
  • Think About It 

Brad is a talented, musician and versatile performer. 



       Mitch Callaghan - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Mitch brings a load of experience to the band along with his unique style that adds to the overall character of Rock Steady. Having been born into a musical family, the passion for the music industry was almost genetically engrained. He has played guitar since he was five years old and been around bands and the music scene long before he could walk.

Mitch primarily plays standard electric bass in Rock Steady. He also plays a number of double/upright bass guitars that you don’t see in a lot of bands these days. It defiantly adds to the look and sound of the band.

Mitch has a vast array of musical styles under his belt to draw on, as well as playing a number of instruments. He is able to quickly adapt to anything that is asked of him and is definately the right person to help steer the band in the right direction.